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Growing the number of Rhode Islanders with postsecondary credentials


Governor Gina M. Raimondo has set an ambitious goal for postsecondary attainment in Rhode Island:

By 2025, 70% of Rhode Islanders will have a postsecondary credential.


Today, 47% of Rhode Islanders have a postsecondary degree or credential -- up from 43% just two years ago. Rhode Islanders without a college degree are twice as likely to be unemployed. Residents with an associate degree, on average, earn roughly 20 percent more than Rhode Islanders with a high school diploma. Rhode Islanders with a four-year bachelor's degree earn nearly 40 percent more. We have an economic imperative to help more Rhode Islanders acquire the skills they need to fill the kinds of high-demand, high-wage jobs we want in our state.

On February 22, 2018, Governor Raimondo joined Council Chair Bill Foulkes, Commissioner Dann-Messier, students, and education leaders to unveil Rhode Island's roadmap to reaching the ambitious attainment goal of 70% by 2025. Read the press release.


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Now that we've released the roadmap, our next step is to continue our engagement with community leaders, students, employers, and higher ed partners. Based on their input, we will develop a postsecondary attainment dashboard to track our progress. 


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