Staff Directory

The public and press contact for the Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner is Robin McGill, Specialist in Public Information and Communications (, 401-7361173).

 Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner Staff 

Name Department E-mail
Bailey, Beth Westerly Education Center Beth [dot] Bailey [at] riopc [dot] edu
Bertram, Patia Finance and Management Patia [dot] Bertram [at] riopc [dot] edu
Cavallaro, Ronald Legal Affairs rcavallaro [at] ccri [dot] edu
Coleman, Anne Marie Legal Affairs amc [at] uri [dot] edu
Cote, Maggie Information Technology Maggie [dot] Cote [at] riopc [dot] edu
Correia, Paula Commissioner's Office Paula [dot] Correia [at] riopc [dot] edu
Ferrara, Claire Division of Higher Education Assistance Claire [dot] Ferrara [at] riopc [dot] edu
Grzybowski, Amy Westerly Education Center Amy [dot] Grzybowski [at] riopc [dot] edu
Harnick, Phyllis Planning Phyllis [dot] Harnick [at] riopc [dot] edu
Joyce, Michael Division of Higher Education Assistance Michael [dot] Joyce [at] riopc [dot] edu
Knight, John Information Technology John [dot] Knight [at] riopc [dot] edu
LaPanne, Susan Finance and Management Susan [dot] LaPanne [at] riopc [dot] edu
Makhlouf, Linda Finance and Management Linda [dot] Makhlouf [at] riopc [dot] edu
Mance-Rios, Gail Division of Higher Education Assistance Gail [dot] Mance-Rios [at] riopc [dot] edu
McGill, Robin External Affairs Robin [dot] McGill [at] riopc [dot] edu
Miller, Charlie Information Technology Charlie [dot] Miller [at] riopc [dot] edu
Newsome, Adrienne Planning Adrienne [dot] Newsome [at] riopc [dot] edu
Pearce, Tom Division of Higher Education Assistance Tom [dot] Pearce [at] riopc [dot] edu
Purcell, Jim Commissioner Jim [dot] Purcell [at] riopc [dot] edu
Ryan, Rebecca

State Approving Agency


Rebecca [dot] Ryan [at] riopc [dot] edu
Seiler, Barbara Finance and Management Bobbi [dot] Seiler [at] riopc [dot] edu
Sena, Nelson Division of Higher Education Assistance Nelson [dot] Sena [at] riopc [dot] edu
Shevlin, Lisa Commissioner's Office Lisa [dot] Shevlin [at] riopc [dot] edu
Spargo, Andrea Planning Andrea [dot] Spargo [at] riopc [dot] edu
Tingle, Douglas

Westerly Education Center

Douglas [dot] Tingle [at] riopc [dot] edu
Velletri, Deanna Planning Deanna [dot] Velletri [at] riopc [dot] edu
Walker-Jones, Michael External Affairs Michael [dot] Walker-Jones [at] riopc [dot] edu