8/13/21: Per Executive Order, all visitors to Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner, Westerly Education Center and R.I. Nursing Education Center must wear a face mask until further notice.

Staff Directory

If you have a general question or are not sure who to ask for, please contact the main office number (401-736-1100).

Press inquiries should be directed to media@riopc.edu.

Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner Staff 


Beth Bailey, Director of Communications beth.bailey@riopc.edu, 401-584-4933
Kim Bright, Chief of Staff, Interim Executive Director kimberly.bright@riopc.edu, 401-378-1971
Ronald Cavallaro, General Counsel  rcavallaro@ccri.edu, 401-736-1119
Anne Marie Coleman, Legal Affairs amc@uri.edu 401-736-1121
Christina Costa, Educational Support Coordinator christina.costa@riopc.edu 401-736-1114
Jill Diehl, Development Associate jill.diehl@riopc.edu 401-584-4931
Rachel Doyle, Operations & Facilities Manager rachel.doyle@riopc.edu 401-584-4934
Amy Grzybowski, Executive Director amy.grzybowski@riopc.edu 401-584-4932
Faith Hanson, Administrative Assistant faith.hanson@riopc.edu 401-584-4931
Linda Makhlouf, Director of Program Administration/Budget & Finance Management  linda.makhlouf@riopc.edu 401-736-1152
Catherine McConnell, Director of Strategic Initiatives catherine.mcconnell@riopc.edu
Susan Mansilillo, Chief Financial Officer susan.mansolillo@riopc.edu 401-736-1139
Jill Olson-Crowley, Assistant to the Commissioner  jill.olsoncrowley@riopc.edu 401-736-1123
Tom Pearce, Operations & Facilities Manager  tom.pearce@riopc.edu 401-388-4426
Bonnie Rayta, Coordinator, Simulation Laboratory bonnie.rayta@riopc.edu 401-277-5317
Omar Reyes, Director of Adult Programs & Policies omar.reyes@riopc.edu 401-736-1111
Philip Rogers,  Facilities Manager progers@rinec.org 401-277-5318
Rebecca Ryan, Veterans Affairs Program Manager rebecca.ryan@riopc.edu 401-736-1164
Andrea Spargo, Research Specialist andrea.spargo@riopc.edu 401-736-1163
Tim Thibodeau, Simulation Specialist tthibodeau@rinec.org 401-277-5318
Douglas Tingle, Operations Manager douglas.tingle@riopc.edu 401-584-4931
Deanna Velletri, Proprietary School Specialist deanna.velletri@riopc.edu 401-736-1118
Tammy Warner, Assistant Commissioner tammy.warner@riopc.edu 401-736-1173