Academic Program Changes

Changes to academic programs at URI, RIC, and CCRI are subject to the Regulations Governing Academic Changes in Rhode Island Public Institutions of Higher Education. Once an institution decides to add a new academic program or change an existing program, representatives of the institution should contact Dr. Phyllis Harnick, Associate Commissioner for Student Success (

Informal discussions based on the institution’s internally developed proposal will help RIOPC staff decide whether the intended program or organizational change requires the submission of a full or abbreviated proposal for approval by the Council on Postsecondary Education, or if a notice of change will suffice. Proposed changes that are determined to fall within the role, scope, and mission of the institution require only notice of change. Any institution may appeal the staff’s determination to the Commissioner.

Institutions may be asked to complete a budget overview for the proposed change. 

Download the budget forms.

Download the instructions for the budget forms.