Policies & Regulations

gavelThe Council on Postsecondary Education is an independent public corporation vested with the responsibility of providing oversight for the system of public higher education in Rhode Island. 

The specific powers and duties of the Council are laid out in RIGL 16-59-1RIGL 16-59-2RIGL 16-59-4RIGL 16-59-6. Among these, the Council is charged with "[formulating] broad policy to implement the goals and objectives established and adopted by the board of education; [adopting] standards and [requiring] enforcement; and [exercising] general supervision over all higher public education in the state and over independent higher education in the state" (RIGL 16-59-4[3]). In exercising these policymaking duties, the Council is the successor to the Board of Governors for Higher Education.



Asset Protection Policy (F-1) Auxiliary Enterprises--Overhead Policy and Regulations (F-2)Research and Grants--Overhead Policy and Regulations at RIC (F-3) Research and Grants--Overhead Policy and Regulations at URI (F-3.1) Procedures for Handling Real Estate Transactions (F-4) Capital Development Policy (F-5) Capital Development Regulations (F-6) Fiscal Accountability Regulations (F-7) Internal Audit Charter (F-8) Liability Claims Reporting Procedure--Policy and Regulations (F-9) Trust Indenture Expenditures--Regulations (F-10) Tuition Policy for Public Institutions of Higher Education (F-11) Tuition Policy for Contract Spaces (F-12) Tuition Policy for Graduate Programs (F-13) Tuition Policy for Expanded Providence Metropolitan Area at RIC (F-14) Tuition Policy for Employer Sponsored Learning Programs (F-15) Tuition Waiver for Interinstitutional Reimbursement Policy (F-16) Tuition Waiver for Persons over Sixty (F-17) Acceptance of Gifts--Regulations (F-18) Budget Preparation and Control Policy (F-19) Budget Preparation [same as previous] (F-20) Investment Policy (F-21) Capital Projects Management System (F-22) Budget Interinstitutional Borrowing Policy (F-23) Capital Campaign Funding Policy (F-24) Resolution on Distribution of Patent and Intellectual Property Revenue at URI (F-25) Credit Card Policies and Procedures (F-26) Capital Project Advanced Planning (F-27) Capital Asset Accounting Policy (F-28)Procurement Regulations (F-29) Identity Theft Red Flags (F-30)