RI Promise


ri promiseHistory

Introduced by Governor Gina Raimondo in 2017, the Rhode Island Promise Scholarship makes it more affordable for Rhode Islanders to pursue a postsecondary degree or credential. The RI Promise initiative has not only infused more financial aid dollars into the system, but it also invests those dollars more strategically by creating more meaningful financial aid awards for students. As a need-based, last-dollar scholarship, RI Promise “fills the gap” between a student’s financial aid package and the actual costs of college. It’s our promise to set more Rhode Islanders on a postsecondary path to be successful in meeting their life and career goals.

How It Works

The RI Promise is a “last-dollar scholarship” that fills in the gap between other aid, like Pell grants, and the actual costs of tuition and mandatory fees. Many students work extra hours or look to loan programs to fill this gap. The last-dollar scholarship is designed to help students stay on the path to earning a postsecondary degree without taking on mountains of student debt.

There are no extra forms to fill out for this scholarship, only the FAFSA form that is required for federal student aid programs like Pell. The funds are distributed directly to the Community College of Rhode Island and are applied to the student’s bill for tuition and mandatory fees. See the CCRI website for more information: http://www.ccri.edu/ripromise/