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Strategic Plan

annual report

The coordinated strategic plan for education in RI was passed unanimously by the Board of Education at its meeting on October 28, 2015. Included was the specific plan for higher education: “Sailing Ahead: Strategic Plan for Postsecondary Education (2015-2020).” The plan offered the four priorities as a framework for setting goals, initiating policies and programs, and measuring success in public higher education through 2020:

The 2016 Annual Report gives an overview of progress as measured through key indicators for each priority. The report gives the most recent data available for each metric, with the baseline being the previous year’s data.

The 2017 report on the strategic plan will follow the standards for reporting on performance funding metrics, which call for the baseline to be the average of the previous five years’ worth of data as compared with the average of the current year and the previous year.


System Overview

fall enrollment enrollment by institution
enrollment by gender  enrollment numbers
enrollment by race/ethnicity enrollment by race/ethnicity numbers
graduate enrollment by race/ethnicity enrollment PT/FT
undergrad enrollment PT/FT grad enrollment PT/FT
undergrad enrollment gender/attendance grad enrollment gender/attendance
degrees conferred  


RI Data Hub

Supported by robust data-sharing agreements, the Office of the Postsecondary Commissioner contributes data to the RI Data Hub, which brings together available state-wide information to create an integrated and secure data infrastructure across the spheres of education, economy, health and human services, and civic engagement.

By bringing together data from its partners, the RI Data Hub produces data reports and data stories that translate raw information into meaningful and actionable insights into what is happening in Rhode Island. Postsecondary data has contributed to a number of data stories that make important connections with the PK-12 system and workforce development initiatives in our state:

Data requests should be directed to Robin McGill, Specialist in Public Information and Communications (