Veterans Resources

Higher Education Benefits for Veterans

There are a number of federal and state programs and policies that support eligible veterans, service members, and their families as they pursue postsecondary education: 


GI Bill Education Benefits

This program enables eligible servicemen, veterans, and their family members to receive monies that can be used for education and training expenses. For more information about benefits and eligibility, check out

Federal Tuition Assistance (FTA)

This program is available to qualifying servicemen for degrees at institutions of higher learning that are accredited with the US Department of Education. 


Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP)

This program is available to servicemen who obtained Title-IV federal loans prior to a 6- or 8-year commitment to the service. This military will pay up to $50,000 on student loans that are not in default.

Additional Benefits for Rhode Island Veterans 

Rhode Island’s three public institutions of higher learning (the Community College of Rhode Island, Rhode Island College, and the University of Rhode Island) offer a number of education benefit programs that expand education access and affordability for servicemen, veterans, and their families. 



Who is eligible?

Priority Registration

Any combat veteran who received an honorable discharge status and has submitted a DD214 demonstrating combat service to the school

In-State Tuition

-Any active duty service member or the family member of any active duty service member, regardless of where they live

-Any GI Bill-eligible veteran

-Any non-veteran GI Bill beneficiary, provided that they live in the state while attending the state school


Disabled Veteran Tuition Waiver

Any veteran who:

-Has documented service connected disability of 10% or more

- Is a RI resident

-Has submitted a FAFSA application (eligibility not required-- the law only specifies completion)

RI National Guard Tuition Waiver

Any member of the RI Army or Air National Guard


Military Transfer Credits

Any veteran or active-duty service member who submits transcripts or prior learning assessment for evaluation



Students and families can obtain more information about state and federal education benefits from the veterans coordinators at each campus:




Rachael Garcia, MSW

Assistant Director of Veteran Affairs and Military Programs




Earl H Bright III

Assistant Administrative Officer/Veteran Certifying Official




Dennis Cosmo

Vet Advisor




Additional resources for veterans and families are available on the website under Military Careers and Rhode Island Resources. Students interested in joining the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) program can review information with the participating schools in Rhode Island. If you are interested in joining the military, there are links for each branch of service. For the veterans who are searching for a career, there are job websites and information on how to convert a military veteran’s experience into a civilian resume.